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Garage Door Repairs

5 Star Garage Door Solutions offers complete garage door repair services for residential garage doors regardless of the make and model of the garage door.

You will receive fast and effective garage door repair service from one of our trained specialists. Our professionals have extensive training with all types of garage doors and accessories. Minimize down time and restore the functionality of your door.

Any garage door malfunction should be repaired immediately in order to prevent safety issues and any further damage. We only use high quality replacement parts for our garage door repairs to ensure complete functionality and safety of the garage door for years to come.


Emergency Garage Door Repair

5 Star Garage Door Solutions is in the business of helping people who are stuck in or out of their garage and need immediate service. It seems that almost daily, we receive a call from someone who’s trying to leave for work when they realize that their garage door will not open. Our professionals are ready to step in and help!