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20 Point Inspection


  • All rollers for loose bearings and faulty roller stems
  • Hinges for wear and cracks
  • End bearings and center cones on torsion tube
  • Track for bends or misalignment
  • Sections for bends or cracks
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Tighten hinges whether loose or not
  • Balance and adjust accordingly
  • Inspect the cable drum for wear
  • Inspect the torsion tube

One-Piece Door Checklist

  • Inspect all five pivot points on hardware for worn parts
  • Check for safety wire and clips on springs
  • Inspect jambs to see if they are split or hardware is rubbing door
  • Confirm if chains are welded links
  • Inspect to see if bottom or top rail is split
  • Lubricate all moving parts and springs
  • Tighten truss rods and end brackets
  • Check the door for balance and adjust accordingly

Steel, Hardware & Materials

  • Check all parts

Chain and Belt Drive Openers

  • Lubricate chain rail and trolley
  • Tighten chain or belt if necessary
  • Inspect gear and sprocket for wear and tear
  • Check safety reverse
  • Check drive arm bolt and pins to make sure they are tight
  • Inspect and test up and down force 
  • Adjust open and close limit switches when needed 
  • Check the opener rail end bracket for tightness 
  • Inspect safety eyes 
  • Secure the wall button if needed
  • Check for wear on the trolley system  

Screw Drive Openers

  • Lubricate screw with low temp grease
  • Adjust limits
  • Adjust electric eyes and clean
  • Check safety reverse
  • Inspect and test up and down force
  • Secure the wall button if needed
  • Check for wear on the trolley system

General Opener

  • Straighten receiver wire
  • Check wall button functions: activation switch, light switch and lock switch
  • Assess the over all safety of your garage door opener